Parts set approved for import.

Finally we have got complete parts set for MP38, MP44 and FG42 approved for import. These set s are now in full production in Germany . They will be built in to complete rifles here in the USA. We also have send’ t more samples to the ATF for testing, with all the new features that they want. The samples are MP38, MP44 rifle and a MP44 pistol ( more easy to import a pistol). The 38, 43/1 and 44 are our main focus in the start of the production. We hope to both do production and import in the start, until the production line is 100% complete. We are also working on 3 new models, so we hope to have a complete STG series of rifles for sell soon. When it comes to a time frame, the corona are slowing us down a bit, since there are big problems with getting the cargo inn now.