BD38 Safety sleeve. V03

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They might need some fitting, on some of the original handles.

2 reviews for BD38 Safety sleeve. V03

  1. Rudy Koester (verified owner)

    Used to repair a 1942 vintage MP40 bolt…..was a bit undersized internally for the original bolt handle requiring me to fit the handle with a file, but once fitted functioned flawlessly. Used the detent ball, spring, and pin as well.

  2. Aaron (verified owner)

    I had an Indy Ord safety sleeve (misplaced) this one was much much better machined without file marks and wasn’t oddly misshaped like the latter. High Quality good attention to detail. I also go the handle and the pin, spring, and ball detent, went together without any trouble and wasn’t sloppy, good tolerances.

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