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SSD/ D-K Production Group, reproduction of the famous German MP38 in 9mm parabellum. This one is made in semi-auto, and fires from a close bolt. The BD38/ MP38  are made with the same materials as the originals and have the correct waffenamt stamps. This pistol works with original MP38/40 Magazines. The BD38  will be shipped to your local FFL, in a plastic shipping box. These have early-model cocking handles and muzzle nuts. Marked AYF 41. Because of the theft of firearms during shipping, we ask you to choose to ship with insurance so the gun will be covered if lost in the mail.

7 reviews for BD38/ MP38

  1. Adam Gaskin

    Absolutely love this BD38 I got. Had 1 minor issue that was fixed expeditiously. Great quality and great communication. Buy with confidence.

  2. patobob

    Absolutely amazing gun. It it by far my favorite to shoot from my entire arsenal. Communication was above and beyond. Definitely a recommendation.

  3. Jacob Pearce (verified owner)

    Had a couple of issues but dk production took care of the problems in a very timely manner. Customer service was fantastic all around. Mine now runs really well. The quality of these is outstanding! Always wanted a MP38 and this is the pride of my collection. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you for your team helping me out.

  4. Michael Bonamico

    Was beyond blown away at the attention to detail and how they made it into a semi still keeping it true to how the gun pretty much works. I was able to get mine from Copper Custom. I will be checking this website often for more of your sweet reproductions.

  5. Rod O’Barr

    All the look and feel for a fraction of the cost of an original. Quality, tight fit and original looking wartime factory finish. Also superior support from management and techs. If you want to own as close to the original as possible, this is money well spent!

  6. Jesus Orona

    My dream gun. I’ve wanted a real MP40 for many years. (not a plastic immitation) When I found out DK Productions was offering one, I put my name on the list.
    Got notified my gun was ready. The folks at DK Productions made the purchase simple. (Great communication)
    Just picked it up and… Wow! It’s as close to a real MP38 as I’ll ever get. Everyone at the gun store was drooling all over it.
    The gun shoots great, looks awesome, and I can’t be happier. Now to get a Form 1 going…

  7. Stanley Underdal

    This is a fantastic gun! Exceptionally well made, extreme attention to detail, and a great shooter. DK customer service and technical support is exceptional.

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